Just curious. What were your first impressions of Toronto?

When you go abroad as a tourist for some short time, it is one thing. But when you go abroad to live abroad, it is different. You’re going to have a culture shock.

That’s what they kept telling me when I decided to move to Canada.



I don’t know if Canada is my final destination or it is just one stop on my life road map. But what I know so far is that I like Canada. Yes, there are certain things I find surprising, bizarre, not smart and/or controversial. However, this doesn’t stop me from liking it. Because life itself is not perfect and that’s the beauty of it. So why bother focusing on faults when you can embrace beauty? That’s what I always do and that’s what I’ll always keep on doing.

Anyways, in my first ever blog post in this category, CA for me, I decided to focus on first impressions. They always tell us that our first impression has a strong impact on us. So, what impact did Canada have on me when my plane landed here, in Toronto, after a long flight half across the world? The answer is: positive.


I liked how everything was neat and clean around me. Seriously. I have been to quite a few countries before I came to Canada, and none of them seemed so “tidy”. No wonder, many people call it “clean New York”. (Only like four times smaller, but who cares really?)

I liked how everything was green around me. I didn’t expect Toronto to be so “natural”, you know? Especially the suburbs. Amazing how people manage to preserve what their land happily offers them. Believe me, not everyone – to say the least – can do that.

I liked how people treated me. And each other. Many people call it a fake smile. I call it “thank you for making my day a little brighter”. Honestly, it’s not that hard – to greet, to smile, to wish you a good day. Just simply to be polite. Try it. Maybe you will make someone’s day a little brighter.

I still like all of these. With a few additions. Coming soon #teasertrailer


See ya my curious little friends 👋🏽

/ Iryna Zheliasko /



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