Just study it! (Or if you don’t want to, just don’t, please)

When I was at school, I had so many interests it was hard for me to even imagine focusing on one. I started thinking about what I want to do in the future quite early though. In secondary school.

Well, obviously, I had some amazing ideas when a child. Like becoming a singer or fashion designer. Two things I would be most awful in. Cause I can’t sing and I can’t draw. Very logical, as usually with me πŸ˜…
But when I was a teenager I realized I could write pretty well and I liked it. I even used to write verses lol πŸ˜‚ All jokes aside – I joined a literary club where we read books and reviewed them, recited poems and wrote our own, etc. I started writing short stories and articles. And I always read tons of books, so literature was all around me all the time.



I made up my mind to become a journalist. And my dad supported me so much in that – he himself is a pretty good speech writer and a confident captivating public speaker. My mum, though being quite creative herself, had doubts. Just cause she didn’t believe in unbiased journalism in Ukraine. Actually, she believed it existed, it just was a dangerous thing to do. And knowing me (obviously), she feared I would eventually get into some trouble. Unless I wrote articles about fashion and celebrities for the local magazines, which I didn’t want to do.
So, by the time I got into high school, I had a top-4 list:

International Relations




(I also secretly wanted to be an actress. Still want though)



I picked up Linguistics /parentally blessed  choice, yay πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰/, because I’ve studied foreign languages all my life. I love that, it comes fairly easy for me and it’s a very useful skill that you could “bring” to basically any profession. So I was being both practical slash future-focused and inspired.


Posing with my diploma be like πŸ˜ΌπŸ˜‚

I got a BA in English & Spanish language and literature. And I’ve never regretted my choice, no matter how hard the studies were from time to time. And you know what. I was pissed off with people constantly complaining about choosing this or that program. If you hate it so much, why stay? Seriously, what’s the point?!
I’m gonna tell you a secret now. In Eastern Europe you get a university degree just cause you have to. All you need is a paper – diploma. And most people don’t care about actual essence of education. Which is frustrating. There is nothing bad in education itself, it’s just that many people have a twisted perception of it. It should be your asset. Not your obligation, or even worse, torture.

Example. I know people in my city who study Medicine and hate it. Yet they go on, because you can earn a proper living. They pay for their grades (haven’t talked about corruption yet, have I? πŸ˜…). Their parents are happy, cause their kids are doing “serious stuff”. These people would be the ones prescribing medicines to our kids in the future. God forbid.

Here in Canada it is different, mostly.
Anyway, back to me, myself and I. When at uni, I re-discovered my writing skills. And added digital media to the set. I also suddenly found myself enjoying speaking to an audience. That’s when I set up my mind to continue my education with something like Communications. This is something you won’t study in Ukraine – such program doesn’t exist (I’ll expand on that in my future posts).
And that’s how I turned out at Seneca College, Toronto, exploring the undiscovered field of Public Relations/ Corporate Communications. Well, this is a very short version πŸ˜„
β€’Why Canada? 

β€’Do you like your program choice?

β€’What about college? Profs?

β€’Where do you see yourself after the program? 

β€’What’s it like to be an international student in Canada?
I’ll answer all these questions. In due time. And for now…


See ya, my curious friends πŸ‘‹πŸ½
Iryna Zheliasko 



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