10 reasons to love Canada

Attention! This blog post contains lots of data, statistics, information and expert opinions.

Except, that’s not true. Because it contains a lot of giphs and not a lot of sentences. I know, do not thank me.


1.     Because their favourite word is “sorry”.





2.     Because maple syrup tastes heavenly on pancakes.


maple syrup.gif



3.     Because you can wear sweatpants when you… basically, anytime anywhere.





4.     Because Indigo and David’s Tea were made here.



chapters indigo.jpg

courtesy of Indigo’s Instagram page





courtesy of David’s Tea website page





5.     Because you can win free coffee and food in Tim Horton’s annual Roll Up the Rim. No, you can’t win a car. Because if you do, that’s not fair to me.


tim hortons.gif



6.     Because there are many odd, yet funny people on the subway. Like that man I saw a few days ago who was dancing right in the middle of the train. Cause, why not?


 funny people.gif



7.     Because Drake may be sitting on the CN Tower one dance. I mean day. One day.




courtesy of Drake’s latest album cover




8.     Because you can find here people from all over the world. If you’re an immigrant, your local community in Canada is probably the size of your hometown. So, you’re not that much OUT of your homeland.





9.     Because Ryan Gosling is Canadian. I mean, doesn’t he ever visit his family?!


ryan gosling.gif


 Just in case the first one didn’t impress you that much:

ryan 2.gif



10.Because Canada is ranked among top-10 best countries to live in. This one is actually serious stuff, oops.


canada ranked.gif


See ya in Canada, my curious friends


Iryna Zheliasko




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