If you come to Odessa…

you will always find something to do. No matter what your lifestyle is, where you come from,  what your beliefs are and how much money you have. Because Odessa has it all. It’s just you may not know this yet.

Ukraine has many wonderful places to see and it breaks my heart when people think of my country only as the place where there are economic difficulties, revolution and war. Come here and believe me – you’ll be surprised.

But my hometown is a marvel itself. It’s like a separate country within a country. You go there and you get lost. In a small , relaxed, optimistic and mouthwatering paradise.

Let’s start this journey together. Grab my hand. We’ll go places.


If you’re searching for architectural treasures, we’ll go on foot all over the city centre to:

admire the beauty of the famous Opera and Ballet Theatre and splash in the fountain nearby







watch the couples kissing on the benches at Primorskii Boulevard



stroll Deribasovskaia street without any haste and stop at the Kompot to grab some tasty bakery and homemade hot chocolate




enter what was used to be the most beautiful city hotel – the Passage still has its European chic and style



If you’re a huge sea-lover, we’ll:
see the sunrise at the Lanzheron beach



have a breakfast with a view at P1 Prosecco Bar



sunbathe and swim at one of the numerous beaches of the Big Fountain district




visit Odessa Port and take a tour on yacht (yes, we can afford it)




and if you’re also a bit of a party-maker, we’ll end up in Arkadia:


dancing all night at Ibiza Night Club


and then, watching the sun going down as we stand by the shore of the Black Sea



If you can’t live without tasty food (like your humble narrator), we’ll go crazy in:


Tavernetta trying Italian cuisine with a Jewish Odessa after-taste


MakeMyCake having hard times choosing between the variety of the best macaroons you’ve ever tasted



Maman or Dacha enjoying homemade Odessa cuisine



Bernardazzi sitting in a breathtaking patio and looking over an amazing wine list and an exquisite menu



Cannoli getting #sorrynotsorry vibes while eating our third dessert


If you want to feel what’s so special about this city, if you want to feel the vibes, we’ll:


get lost in the numerous courtyards with old balconies, chubby stray cats, linen getting dry on the clothes-line and smell of mama-made pie



bargain to enter traditional Odessa Tzimes Market(in Iddish – traditional dessert of Jewish people) so we can listen to local music, try local food and hear local speech


try free samples of fresh local food at the legendary Privoz Market



get our hands a little burnt when holding a hot salted (it’s almost mandatory!) corn head at the beach



If you are a healthy lifestyle adept, we’ll:

go jogging in the morning in Park Pobedy


do morning yoga at Lanzheron



“fuel” ourselves with guilt-free food of gods in Zelen Café or True Restaurant


rent bikes and go all along Trassa Zdorovia (“Healthy Track”)


make a stop at MomInCube to try their almond cappuccino and vegan raw desserts



get fierce doing crossfit in Arkadia



If you are an obsessive Instagram blogger, we’ll:

go to White Whale to listen to their lectures about coffee culture (and put what we learned into practice 😏)



dress up hipster-like and go to Silence.espresso bar



switch our French mood on and sit on the terrace at Frebule watching Frantsuzskiy Boulevard (French Boulevard) living its own life without worries, haste and turmoil



watch an old movie while…

drinking latte at The Lodge


drinking cold brew at Atelier.Design&Coffee



If you just like taking pictures, we’ll:


do any of the things below because, frankly speaking, Odessa is beautiful wherever you go



Or we can do it all. Yes, we will do it all.

Odessa is waiting for you.


See ya in Odessa my curious friends 👋🏽

Iryna Zheliasko






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