Curious Girl bio

5 Ws + H

WHO I’d go under Iryna. I have a last name which is unpronounceable to most of the foreigners, so I’m just making your life easier.

WHERE Oh, I originate from Odessa, Ukraine. But I’m currently (permanently?) staying in Toronto, Canada.

WHEN I moved to Toronto in September 2016 when I just turned 20.

WHY Cause I’m a natural adventure-seeker, that’s why! Just kidding.

WHAT A lifestyle blog, I guess. Attempting to answer so-I’m-just-curious questions.

HOW In case you still haven’t grasped the idea – entertaining. Well. At least I’m trying, okay?

Social Media Policy

The content on this website is authentic, i.e. created by me, myself and I. If I post anything that is not original, I always disclose it and/or hyperlink the source. Have any suggestions? Please feel free to contact me personally.