So what’s your background?

Every day I’m being asked this question.

The time has come for this post. One year after my moving to Canada, I present you with my favourite quotes about Ukraine that I hear almost too often. Please enjoy, because I’ve put a lot of anger because some people are so ignorant effort and love in it.

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21 things learned

On June 12, 2017, I turned 21. Didn’t feel any different from turning 20 and maybe just a bit different from turning 19. And this considering the fact that it was my first birthday so far away from home and completely without family.

Didn’t feel any different that particular day, but definitely was feeling different every day of the year that led to my 21st birthday. Let me tell you, leaving your comfort zone can teach you a lot. If you are willing to learn. I was.

So here’s what I’ve learned as I approached my 21st year of life on this weird planet.

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GUESTS TALK: From Austria with (Ukrainian) love

I can’t explain why I chose Austria to feature in my next GUESTS TALK blog post. Maybe because I know many people who stay there. Maybe because my dad wanted me to study there before we decided on Canada. Maybe because I was mesmerized by all the photos of Austria in my Instagram feed. Anyways, here it is. Or rather, here they are. Meet Liana, Lina and Lena ( I know, what a coincidence! 😅) – three Ukrainian girls who, for various reasons, at some point of their lives moved to Austria. And they don’t seem to regret it at all.

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It was destined to be… unless you don’t believe it

It was my last year in the university and we were reading Somerset Maugham’s “The Painted Veil” in one of the classes. Now I don’t remember why we started that conversation. Probably something about Kitty’s complicated relationships with men and consequences of these relationships. But what I do remember is just how passionate and exciting that debate was. We never reached one single conclusion, just because with these things you can never know for sure. We talked about DESTINY.

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GUESTS TALK: “I think Toronto is a perfect city to live in, but you need some time to get used to it”, says Violetta G.

Violetta moved to Canada from Ukraine almost four years ago to study marketing at Seneca College, but ended up following her creative call and doing an animation program. She says she’s never regretted her choice, and looking at her happy face, I can totally believe it.

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If you come to Odessa…

you will always find something to do. No matter what your lifestyle is, where you come from,  what your beliefs are and how much money you have. Because Odessa has it all. It’s just you may not know this yet.

Ukraine has many wonderful places to see and it breaks my heart when people think of my country only as the place where there are economic difficulties, revolution and war. Come here and believe me – you’ll be surprised.

But my hometown is a marvel itself. It’s like a separate country within a country. You go there and you get lost. In a small , relaxed, optimistic and mouthwatering paradise.

Let’s start this journey together. Grab my hand. We’ll go places.

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